Meet the Brewer, Thurs 30th May, Flying Monk Brewery

We have an interesting piece of trivia for you: Apparently early in the 1100 Century, a monk called Elmer, after observing the Jackdaws soaring on the breeze around the Abbey towers, thought man could possibly fly. Elmer constructed wings and launched himself from the top of Malmesbury Abbey managing about 200 yards!

That’s a little aside and doesn’t have anything to do with beer, unless Elmer had been drinking some of course! This great micro brewery brews some fantastic beers and we’re looking forward to meeting them and trying some of their beers on Thursday 30th May from 7.30pm.

There will be a tap takeover with you chance to find out about the history of the brewery and the brewing process as well as sampling some of their magnificent ales.
Promises to be a fun evening.